Fill out this Service Authorization Form (SAF), print and FAX or mail the signed original copy to:
FAX to: (800) 839-7684 Advantig, LLC
3112 Van Buren Dr.
Tampa, FL 33611
Advantig will require full payment arrangements to be made via Credit Card, Money Order, Check, Cash On Delivery (C.O.D) or Purchase Order (P.O.) prior to any technical support, service or parts shipped.
*Full name
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*Street Address
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*Phone number ()- Extension   Office
*E-mail address
*Payment Type  Visa  Master Card Discover   American Express P.O.
 Money Order/Check/ C.O.D. ~ Available only if shipping products / equipment. 
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Credit Card Number CVV/CVC/CIN
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Rates: (service agreements are available, with significant rate discounts)
Emergency service -  $150/hour (Round Trip), 2 hours minimum.
On-Site & after hours service -  $90/hour (Round Trip), 2 hours minimum.
Advantig service facility -  $60/hour, 2 hours minimum.
Remote or telephone support -  $60/per incident if not covered by service or support agreement.
Additional costs -  Parts, supplies, travel expenses, S&H & insurance (If applicable).
Custom programming fees -  $125 /hour, 2 hours minimum.
Please insure your shipment and double-box your equipment with 3 or more inches of padding on all sides. Advantig is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping. Company/personal checks require a 10 day processing delay. Returned checks will be charged a $40 service fee. Warranty items will be replaced or repaired at the sole discretion of Advantig. Advantig will guarantee all repaired or replaced parts for a minimum of 30 days unless otherwise specified, after 30 days the manufacturers warranty and terms will apply. Insurance is included in shipping/handling charges for items exceeding $50. An "Incident" is defined as a service event starting from initial call until closure or resolution of the problem or issue. One incident may involve multiple sessions. Purchase Orders (P.O.) must be pre-approved. On-Site, after hours service is by appointment only.  Emergency Service is defined as immediate service requested without an appointment.

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