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OneClick VNC Helpdesk

The one click remote support software system for Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / 2008 / 2003 / XP / 2000


OneClick is Free UltraVNC Remote Support System Helpdesk VNC Software
The Free One Click Remote Support System HelpDesk VNC Software

The One Click Remote Support System HelpDesk VNC Software The One Click Remote Support System HelpDesk VNC Software The One Click Remote Support System HelpDesk VNC Software
Click Open Connected
Now even a caveman can get remote support

OneClick VNC Helpdesk is free for non-commercial / personal use.

Click HERE to buy a Commercial Use License.

OneClick VNC Helpdesk Remote Support System for Windows 7OneClick VNC Helpdesk Remote Support System for Windows 2008 ServerOneClick VNC Helpdesk Remote Support System for Windows VistaOneClick VNC Helpdesk Remote Support System for Windows 2003 ServerOneClick VNC Helpdesk Remote Support System for Windows XPOneClick VNC Helpdesk Remote Support System for Windows 2000

  • Works with Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / 2008 / 2003 / XP / 2000

  • Support unlimited customers from unlimited technician seats with one license

  • Customizable tool box, messages, icons, splash, logos and title bar names

  • Fully Compatible with UVNC SC custom configuration files, icons & bitmaps

OneClick VNC Helpdesk Remote Support System Using Menu Mode

OneClick version - Free Download - Changes
(updated 22 Oct 2014)

If you will be using OneClick in a commercial
environment or charging for services rendered, a
Commercial use License for unlimited Technician
seats to support unlimited customers is a
one-time purchase of only

OneClick On-Screen Timer MenuOneClick allows you to create customized auto-reconnecting remote support customer modules that allow you to see and operate the remote computer in real-time over an encrypted connection, type commands, control the mouse, transfer files, reboot into safe mode, run as a system service to allow logon/logoff.  The optional web based configuration lets you easily change your settings making dynamic IP address use simple without having to recompile your support module or redistribute them if they were installed as part of a permanent or pre-installed system. It also has a Remote Start module that runs as a system service that will allow you to start the session even if the customers computer is unattended and not logged on.

If you're a programmer or don't want to use the winvnc.exe file included with the OneClick package you can use your own. This allows you to customize the winvnc source code to modify, remove or add the features you want or need and lets you ensure your remote support system is always current. 

For compatibility, you can enable/disable the "Accept Connection" prompt allowing it to connect to non-UltraVNC viewers such as RealVNC, TightVNC or Chicken of the VNC

OneClick Features:

  • Direct point-to-point connection with no 3rd party servers or services.

  • Define up to 100 technician stations in a single customer module (menu mode).

  • Custom tool commands allows you to define up to 10 custom commands that can be local commands or programs (.exe, .bat, .doc, pdf, etc), or define links to web based programs, websites, surveys or questionnaires

  • Define a custom tools website URL in addition to the other custom tools

  • Build-Your-Own ToolBox lets you include an unlimited number of tools, files or programs by dragging and dropping them into a folder in the customer module creator folder in addition to the Tools Website and 10 custom tool commands.

  • Auto-Reconnect if connection is dropped

  • Auto-call back and reconnect before the login prompt on reboot

  • Track session time across multiple reboots

  • Run in Safe Mode with auto-call back on reboot

  • Logoff/logon or switch user on the remote system

  • Call the customer back to their workstation using a ringing bell

  • Repeater mode allows you to support customers anywhere from anywhere 

  • Start a remote support session on unattended computers

  • Ultra small client download can be as small as 193k (with minimum options).

  • Customers can connect directly to your technician with no prompts or inputs other than to run the customer module

  • Use 40/56/128 bit end-to-end data encryption

  • Optionally password protect the customer module

  • The Daily PIN option allows you to automatically change the password daily without re-compiling your customer modules.

  • Run as a System Service enabling Ctrl-Alt-Del

  • Prompt the customer for the repeater ID code

  • Prompt your customer for the port number to connect to

  • Automatically disable/restore Vista UAC (security prompt)

  • Automatically disable/restore Vista AERO for better performance.

  • Automatically add itself to the windows firewall to simplify installation

  • Create a port test shortcut to simplify testing router/firewall configurations

  • Create shortcuts to simplify running the repeater as a service or an application.

  • Use Web Based Configuration

  • Optionally display a custom splash / logo on startup

  • Optionally display a custom name on the timer title bar

  • Optionally display a custom disclaimer message

  • Optionally display a custom goodbye message

  • Optionally display a custom message if the technician is unavailable

  • Automatically create a self contained, non-installing Viewer that can be launched from your website by your technicians when they are at alternate locations

  • Automatically and cleanly removes itself when you are finished

  • You can use the supplied winvnc.exe or replace it with your own custom version.

The option to prompt the customer for the workstation (port) number and/or repeater ID code allows you to support all of your technician workstations from a single customer download module. Repeater mode enables both the technician and the customer to establish connections from behind firewalls at locations such as a hotels or Internet Cafe's.

For more information, give us a call at one of the following sales numbers between 9am-5pm EST Monday - Friday.

OneClick On-Screen Timer MenuUS: +01 (813) 419-3547
Canada: +01 (647) 477-6373
UK: +44 (0) 203 00 28213
Ireland: +353 (0) 1 657 1824

User-initiated telephone technical support for the OneClick product is not available.
Technical support can only be initiated by email or forum.

To update to the latest version, simply download the
most recent version and install it over the old version

Release Version Version (95/98/ME compatible)

Updates & upgrades are free, simply download the most recent version and install.
NOTE: If updating from version 1 to version 2, registered users must
            email support to request a free replacement registration key.

Global / Multi-Site Commercial License $125
(Unlimited technician seats at unlimited locations)

This is not a license to provide software as a service (SaaS) or to redistribute the software outside of your organization or allow non-employees to use it to support customers.

The global / multi-site commercial license allows unlimited technician seats anywhere in your organization to use the software from any site. "Any Site" is defined as any geographical location of a place of business that is owned by or reports to the site that holds the license. If an individual is a permanent or temporary employee that works from an alternate location but is assigned to any site of the license holder, the individual is authorized by the global/multi-site license to use the software for the duration of their employment. Your Registration Code will be sent to you via email after your order is reviewed for a valid installation code. OneClick is an add-on for UltraVNC (UVNC) that creates remote support modules and adds additional options. Although we provide a version of UVNC for your convenience, you can use your own. We cannot guarantee another developers product. Since you can fully test OneClick before purchasing, we cannot give refunds after we have sent a registration key. This is not a license to provide software as a service (SaaS) or to redistribute the software outside of your organization or allow non-employees to use it to support customers. Unlimited means unlimited, the multi-site license is not limited to a maximum number of employees or maximum number of locations.

Order a Global / Multi-Site Commercial License

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 Enter Installation Code Below 

OneClick VNC Helpdesk Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / 2003 / XP Remote Support System Using Menu Mode

The Advantig OneClick VNC HelpDesk add-on for UltraVNC is distributed as Free for Non-Commercial Use, NOT public domain or open source software. You may use this software for non-commercial use only. If you use OneClick in a commercial or corporate environment or charge for services rendered you must buy a commercial license,  You may use the software on any number of computers without time limits. You are allowed to freely distribute the software, but Advantig Corporation retains ownership and copyright of the software and the documentation. You may use and/or bundle or distribute the software together with other software products in the same installer and/or on the same media. You may not use the software for commercial activities unless you have a commercial license. You may not use the software for illegal activities. You may not provide the software as a service (SaaS). You may not use the software to support any third party product without the express written consent of Advantig. You may not modify the program or documentation files in any way. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise reduce the software to human readable format. You may not sell the software or charge a distribution fee except to recover the actual physical media costs and the actual postage and or shipping costs excluding handling fees. You must include all files that were in the original distribution. 

OneClick VNC Helpdesk is copyright 2006-2013 Advantig.
UltraVNC is copyright 2002-2005 Ultr@VNC Team.
DualDesk is copyright 2001-2013 Advantig.
RemoteZilla is copyright 2001-2013 Advantig.
AutoVNC is copyright 2001-2013 Advantig.



Phone: +1 (813) 419-3547

Copyright 2001-2013 Advantig